Invisible Reweaving

by Toni Columbo 

Specializing in Expert Fine Clothing Repairs



mending weaving

French Weaving

Exactly matching replacement threads are unraveled from a seam or a hem of the garment. Each new replacement thread is then re-woven by hand into the garment one thread at a time following the pattern of the weave in order to close the hole and make it invisible. It is a meticulous process and is used only on small holes. This is oldest known method and is about 200 years old.

Over Weaving

An exactly matching replacement piece of material is cut from a hidden part of the garment. The edges of the replacement material are frayed, and then placed over the damage. Matching the fabric’s weave, the frayed threads are hand woven into the material, so the repair is undetectable. This modern reweaving method invented in 1950 is used on larger holes.

Invisible Knitting

Exactly matching hidden yarn strands are obtained from a sweater or knitted item. These replacement yarns are reknitted into the damaged area using precise knit patterns to replicate the knitted stitches exactly.

Matriarch Barbara Columbo invented and patent an exclusive reknitting technique in 1976. This revolutionary method yields remarkable results!

invisible mending

Sweater Repairs a Specialty!

The Art of Invisible Reweaving involves weaving exactly matching threads or replacement material with the weave of an injured spot on a garment. With a lot of time and care, exactly matching replacement threads or replacement  material is rewoven strand by strand into the fabric surrounding the hole to make as near perfect repairs as is humanly possible.

But Beware!

There are many other methods of repairing which are often wrongly described as “Invisible”. Machine patching, stitching & machine darning may be useful Sewing Techniques when speed and cheapness are all that matters. But Proper Invisible Mending skills take years to perfect. There are no end of local tailors and seamstresses who are “handy with a needle” but that is no way the same as genuine “Invisible Reweaving”. When a quality job is called for, only proper Invisible Weaving will do.