Invisible Reweaving

by Toni Columbo 

Specializing in Expert Fine Clothing Repairs


french reweaving before french reweaving after striped jacket before striped jacket after
vertical tear before vertical tear after sleeve before sleeve after
elbow before elbow after moth hole before moth hole after
burn hole before burn hole after tweed before tweed after
fine knit before fine knit after lap before lap after
knit before knit after super fine weave before super fine weave after
birds eye before birds eye after flannel before flannel after
checked before checked after knit run before knit run after

Invisible Reweaving & Invisible Reknitting are Antique Techniques that can be applied to Tears & Holes on Present Day Garments and Preserve a Consumer's Wardrobe Investment.
Invisible Reweaving is a Very Economical Option when considering the Cost of Replacing the Garment.