Columbo Invisible Reweaving 

Specializing in Expert Fine Clothing Repairs


We Make Holes, Rips, Burns & Tears Virtually Disappear!

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Toni Columbo
75 West School Street #301
Boston, MA 02129

By Appointment: 617-720-2112

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
12:30-5:30 pm


Invisible Weaving is to repair, mend, reweave and fix damages in clothing. A little bit of tailoring, a little bit of Alchemy, Invisible Mending is an intricate skill where the dexterous are able to mend holes, rips, burns, tears, and flaws in even the most fragile fabrics. This detailed Art calls for a keen eye, nimble fingers, and plenty of patience and perseverance. Invisible Reweaving and Invisible Reknitting are old techniques that can be applied to tears and holes on today’s garments and preserve a wardrobe investment. Most fabrics can be repaired except for nylon, satin, chiffon, corduroy, velvet and fine silks.



Sweater Repairs a Specialty!